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Q.1) What is the procedure to receive a new connection of LPG?

A.1) One should visit the authorized Bharat gas dealer of one’s area and submit the application form along with proof of identity and proof of residence. The connection is made available depending upon the pending number of request. The sanction of request is intimated through a letter. The documents that many suffix for Identity proof and Address proof are mentioned below

Identity Proof Address Proof
Aadhaar Number Aadhaar Number allotment
Any Photo identification issued by State Government House Registration Papers
PAN Card LIC Policy (Validity to be checked)
Driving License Employers Certificate
Passport Telephone bill( within last three months)
Electricity Bill ( within last three months)

Q.2) After the LPG connection has been sanctioned, what documents are provided?

A.2) Following documents are provided :

  • A Subscription Voucher (SV) - This is an important voucher and one should preserve it carefully. This is needed when one is seeking transfer of gas connection.
  • Domestic Consumer Gas Card – Also known as Pass book or Blue Book, this book contains the details of your gas connection, the supply details and other services that have been rendered to the customer.
  • Other Literature – This includes safety tips for maintaining gas equipments and other important ways in which one can conserve LPG while cooking.

Q.3) What are the details one should know about LPG cylinder that is delivered to house?

A.3) Keep in mind the following points :

  • The weight of the cooking gas that is provided in cylinders for domestic is 14.2 kg.
  • The total weight of the cylinder is the weight of the cooking gas and the weight of the cylinder. The weight of the cylinder is clearly marked on the cylinder.
  • The cylinders before they are delivered from the refilling centers are checked thoroughly for any kind for discrepancy. They are sealed through plastic caps and pilfer-proof wrapping. If a customer feels that the cylinder is underweight, he can call the Bharat gas distributor. The distributor will replace if the cylinder is found to be underweight.

Q.4) what is the procedure to apply for LPG distributorship?

A.4) Following points can be kept in mind to apply for a new distributorship :

  • Advertisements are given in newspapers for Bharat gas dealerships.
  • One should satisfy the eligibility criteria as advertized before applying for dealership.
  • More information can be found on the Bharat gas website under the heading Distributor Appointment.

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