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Houshold Tips

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  • It is necessary to close the valve at night or when there is no use of gas.
  • It is necessary to not to tamper with the equipment or tamper with cylinder.
  • It should be make sure that condition of the installation parts are good and do check if there is no fault in any part.
  • If there is such case, then the nearest distributor should be contacted and call a mechanic.
  • During working in kitchen, it is better to wear the clothes made of cotton fabric.  Wear a apron and dupatta to handle the utensils should be avoided.
  • At the time of cooking, it should be necessary to keep the children away from the kitchen or at time of installation.
  • Pakkads should be used along with pot holders that are dry.
  • The hotplate should never left on. If the material of cooking get overflow or there is leakage in the burner, then be attentive.   In that case, the gas will be accumulated in other burner that resulted in catching of fire through other source.
  • The handle of the pan should be kept away from the flame.  No plastic items should be used on stove.
  • Due to rubber tube leakage, most of the accidents related to cooking gas occurred.  If the tube is damaged then it is advisory to immediately change the rubber tube.
  • For safety point of view, LPG hose Suraksha should be used.
  • If cylinders are not in use, then safety cap should be used.

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