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Bharat Gas Connection Transfer

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The LPG connection of gas by Bharat Gas serves different purposes such as domestic use, agriculture, automobile, drugs, ceramics etc. The Customers need to go through a specific procedure for getting connection of Bharat gas. The situation varies while the customer requires to have a transfer of connection of BHARAT GAS. When house is shifted from a place to another, the major thing that is required is to transfer the connection of gas to another gas agency close by to the new location. It is better to initiate this transfer one week prior to shifting planned so that while one enters the new location the approach to new gas agency is accessible along with formalities of transfer accomplished. The process remains same if one is moving between cities/states/towns as well and is applicable to agencies such as HP Gas & Bharat Gas.

Documents required for a transfer of connection of Bharat gas

Not all the described below documents are needed but customer needs to show a proof for authenticating the new location that this is indeed his location and only he would e use the Bharat gas and nobody else.

Documents required for address and identification

  • Ration Card,
  • Electricity Bill,
  • Passport,
  • Employer’s Certificate,
  • Voters Identity Card,
  • Flat allotment / possession letter
  • Telephone bill,
  • Rent Receipt.

Steps to be followed to transfer Bharat Gas connection

  • One needs to contact the dealer concerned of the connection of Bharat Gas.
  • One can take his domestic gas holder card and subscription voucher.
  • A request on paper to be made for transferring the gas connection of the dealer.
  • Dealer would cross check the earlier documents and then refunding of the deposited money would be done.
  • One must carry his domestic gas holder card with him to get the transfer of connection done to new place.
  • Along with the applicant, one needs to present few details regarding the new residential area in the address.
  • One can also apply to get a transfer of gas connection through the website
  • The entire process may get accomplished in a period of about 5 to 7 working days.

If the Bharat Gas transfer is in same or nearby city

  • The current dealer may issue a transfer advice of customer only on producing the Subscription Voucher. Customer transfer advice remains valid merely for 3 months from the issue date.
  • Subscription voucher and the Customer service voucher may get produced to the transferred distributor. Now, one can avail his new CTA along with the subscription voucher.
  • One does not require to submit equipment cylinder or the regulator.

If the Bharat Gas transfer is to any other place then

  • One must collect the termination voucher from his present location dealer. Then there would be refunding of initial caution deposit on the submission of subscription voucher.
  • The Domestic gas holder card may come in use while taking the gas connection promptly in new residential area from the new distributor.

If one has plans to get another new connection, he needs to pay the same amount as done before.

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