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Piped Connection

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Piped Gas connection is possible with the help of reticulated systems. These are unique systems that are designed in the customer’s kitchen. Gas travels into these systems from a common cylinder bank or a high-level installation system. In this system, the gas is regulated at various pressure levels and by the time it reaches the customer’s kitchen, it is regulated at a low pressure. This makes the system safer and less costly than the cylinder systems.

What are its advantages?

  • Gas supply can be enjoyed always by turning the tap.
  • No need to waste time in booking for a cylinder refill when gas gets over.
  • Eliminates unnecessary activities like carrying the cylinder, damaging the floor or lift etc.
  • Very convenient form of gas supply that can be operated easily and swiftly by the end customers.
  • Eliminates any risk and increases safety because gas is regulated at a low pressure here.
  • Saves lots of space in the kitchen as one can do away with the huge storage space of cylinders.
  • Meter regulated payment; hence it is very economical. Consumers need to pay as per their consumption only.
  • Results in huge time savings and one need not worry about saving money for the second cylinder.

Has the system been tried and proved?

Bharat Gas has taken the initiative of connecting with a host of real estate builders in almost all the big cities in the country to design houses in such a way so as to allow provision for piped gas connections.

What can BHARAT PETROLEUM offer you?

  • Support on piped gas connection design system will be provided by Bharat Petroleum.
  • They also take ownership for installation and commissioning the system in the kitchen.
  • Customer can be fully assured about the perennial supply of gas.
  • BPCL network will assure the customers of regular supervision and maintenance checks.
  • Impressive distributor network will ensure that customers get high quality after sales service.
  • Customers will be given elaborate and practical training on the usage.
  • Emergency support available 24/7.

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