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Preferred Time Delivery Scheme

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    In order to please the customers and also provide more convenience to the customer, a Scheme of Preferred Time Delivery Scheme is launched by the bharat gas.

    In cities like Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata along with the cities nearby the metro cities like Noida, Sonepat, Navi Mumbai, Mira Bhayander, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Thane, or Kalyan, this facility is inaugurated for customer’s ease. Having total population of nearby 10 lakhs, this scheme will be launched in different towns in the future.

    There is a chance to choose the time and day of customer’s choice to receive the cylinder at their residence offered by this scheme.

    There is a table mentioned below having all the charges applicable by the Government.

    Time Slot Charges per delivery in Towns with population of ten lakh and above Charges per delivery in other Towns
       Before8 AM Rs.50 Rs.40
       8AM  to 11 AM Rs.25 Rs.20
       11 AM to 3 PM Rs.25 Rs.20
       3 PM to 6 PM Rs.25 Rs.20
       6 PM to 8 PM Rs.50 Rs.40
       Only Saturday/Sunday ( 8 AM to 6 PM ) Rs.25 Rs.20

    There are three options that a customer can follow.

    Preferred Time Customer

    As the week started from Monday to Friday, any time or day can be selected by the customer. This would shows that customer will be able to receive the cylinder on that mentioned day and time from Monday to Friday. If there is failure of delivery for any reason or if customer is not available at their residence on that particular day and time, then at same time, the cylinder will be delivered on next day to customer.

    Preferred Day and Time Customer

    In addition to time selection, a particular day can also be selected by the customer. According to this option, the customer will be able to receive the cylinder on the mentioned time and day of delivery. If there is failure of delivery for any reason or if customer is not available at their residence on that particular day and time, then at same time, the cylinder will be delivered on next day to customer.

    Saturday/Sunday Preferred Customer

    An option for choosing Saturday of Sunday is also available for customer. According to this, a cylinder can be received by the customer on that particular day at timings between 8 am to 6 pm. No time slot option for customer available on these preferred days of Saturday and Sunday. If the customer is not present at their residence or if there is failure of delivery, then in the coming week on same time and day, the delivery will be made.

    As if there is no booking of cylinder, then customer will not received it as due to subsidized of the domestic LPG. If the booking of the cylinder comes close, then customer will get their cylinder on that choice of day and time.

    Just to explained it, if cylinder is booked on 1st June, Saturday by the customer and time he choice for Sunday then only customers that booked for 25th May will only receive the cylinders as distributed. Customer will receive his delivery on preferred day following maturing of booking.

    Registration to become a Preferred time Customer

  • In order to become customer of preferred time, then a registration is mandatory. Following routes will be offered to the customer to register
  • In plain paper or stipulated format, a registration should be submit by the customer.
  • Through the given website also, a registration can be done by the customer
  • There is one time registration. After the 6 months of period, the time and day of preference will be changed by the customer. This will be applied in 48 hours of change made by the customer.
  • After registering the choice of day and time, customer will not need to specify this time and ay again and again at booking time. There is a group of distributors provided by the system that select the status of the customer automatically.
  • Customer will receive their delivery on their choice of time and day through this scheme of Preferred Time Customer.
  • In case of making the application submit through their own, then registration should be cancelled.

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