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Value Added Services

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For complaints and queries, dial our toll free number.

  • For your complaints, suggestions and queries, customers are requested to call the toll free number 18002333555. This provision is extended to all customers in India round the clock.
  • Your calls would be answered by the customer service executives from 8 am to 8 pm. Calls through IRVS can be done from 8 pm to 8 am.
  • All callers are allotted with unique call ID on registration of any complaint, suggestion and query. This helps the callers track status of their respective complaint, query or suggestion in future. This ID is provided to them during their call.
  • The service of registering their complaints, suggestions or query is free of cost.

Preferred Time Delivery Scheme

In order to meet our objective of providing our esteemed customers with convenience and comfort, we are happy to announce the introduction of our scheme – preferred time delivery. This provision is being introduced for our customers in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai including the outskirts of Mira Bhayander, Kalyan, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Sonepat, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida and Gurgaon etc.

This scheme will be provided to all prominent towns that are expected to have population of nearly 10 lakhs in coming future. Under this scheme, the customers can opt to receive the refilled cylinder at their doorstep delivered on day and time of their choice. Charges approved by the Indian government would be applicable as below:

Time Slot

*Charges per delivery in Towns with population of ten lakh and above

*Charges per delivery in other Towns

   Before8 AM

Rs. 50

Rs. 40

   8AM  to 11 AM

Rs. 25

Rs. 20

   11 AM to 3 PM

Rs. 25

Rs. 20

   3 PM to 6 PM

Rs. 25

Rs. 20

   6 PM to 8 PM

Rs. 50

Rs. 40

   Only Saturday/Sunday

Rs. 25

Rs. 20

   ( 8 AM to 6 PM )

*Prices include the service tax also.

From the below listed, the customers can select any one option.

The customer can opt for any one of the following three options

Preferred Time Customer
Customers can select for their preferred time on any weekday from Monday to Friday. This selection shall indicate that the customer is willing to accept receiving the cylinder on specific mentioned time slot between Mondays to Friday. If in case the customer is not available and the delivery is not possible at the preferred time slot, then the cylinder would be delivered on similar time slot the next day.

Preferred Time and Day Customer
The customer can select for any day besides the selected time slot. This explains that the respective customer is willing to accept refill of cylinder delivery only on that particular day and time frame. If the customer is not available and delivery is impossible on respective day and time slot then the customer should expect delivery of cylinder on same time and same day the next week.

Saturday/Sunday Preferred Customer
If you have working schedule, then the customer can select and accept delivery of the refill cylinder on Saturday and Sunday. This facility means that respective customer is willing to accept the delivery of cylinder from 8 am to 6 pm on either of the weekend days. There is no facility of preferred time slot for weekends. If delivery is not possible due to non-availability of the customer, then delivery would be made the following week on customer’s selected day.

Since the domestic LPG is subsidized, the customer shall not receive refill cylinder out of his turn. Once the respective customer’s refill booking expires, the cylinder would be delivered to him during the other preferred day and time as selected as choice by the customer.  

To know more and opt for registration of preferred time and delivery services - Click here.

Beyond LPG

Bharatgas aims in providing comfort and convenience through its different activities and services. This is a value added service which is offered to the customers through its initiative called “Beyond LPG”. The initiative was introduced for customers. The distributors provide to their customers branded products right at their doorstep at economical prices. This facility is extended by selective distributors in that network. The products vary from FMCG to durables. The flame retardant aprons improve the safety. Fuel efficient hotplates and high efficient Suraksha LPG hose are also provided through these distributors.

Customers are requested to check with their network distributors and avail these services.

SURAKSHA LPG Hose – an innovative brand of the LPG rubber tube

Bharat Gas aims in meeting the expectations and commitment which revolves around the safety of the customer. Suraksha is a new brand which is stamped for LPG rubber tube for residential purposes. Some of the special features of this hose are listed below:

  • Leak Proof due to Multiple Layers
  • 5 years guarantee for longer life
  • Steel wire reinforced, strong enough for the rats to bite
  • Weather resistant, ozone, abrasion ensure no cracks
  • Flame resistant

Designed post comprehensive research at Bharatgas industry supported by LPG Equipment Research Centre based in Bangalore, this particular reinforced rubber tube is now easily available for the customers.

Available Pack Sizes

To cater to the respective needs of the subscribers, different pack sizes are made available.

  • For commercial and industrial – pack size of 5kg, 19kg, 35 and 47.5kg
  • For residential and domestic kitchen – pack size of 14.2 and 5 kg cylinder

Facility to switch from normal fuels to LPG

LPG is considered appropriate fuel for different industrial and commercial application since it has stupendous properties. Bharatgas happily offers help in commissioning and designing of LPG installation for different commercial and industrial sector.

Packaged LPG Installation

LPG has different uses which cater to convenience of the user while are economic also.  Its applications are mentioned below:

  • Lightening
  • Water Heating
  • Hot Food Cabinets
  • Cooking
  • Space Heating in Poultry
  • Different industrial applications – paint baking, textile, ceramic industry, manufacturing of endo and exo gases for other metallurgic applications, ferrous industry, glass industry and furnaces.

The installation of cylinder for numerous industrial and commercial applications are designed with pack size ranging from 47.5 kg, 35 kg or 19 kg cylinder.

Click here for more details.

Bulk LPG Installations

Bulk size installation is used in different LPG applications

The heat treatment in automobile industry, metallurgical applications such as ladle pre-heating, cupola, mould, stress relieving, descaling, melting, billet heating and annealing etc. glass melting, stress relieving, annealing, forging, metal melting, feed stock, firing of stoneware, baking and paint etc.

Benefits of LPG

  • Low maintenance – simple in its design, the LPG burner is maintenance free. LPG attains absolute combustion, the deposit of carbon on burner is low which eventually leads to longer life of burner
  • Clean combustion – when LPG burns, the whole combustion is accomplished with Co2 at level of 13 to 14% and has less level of pollutant.
  • Self-Pressuring – LPG is always stored under pressure and therefore no gravity system and pumps are required for flowing the fuel to burner.
  • LPG is one such fuel which starts instantly and requires temperature which is easily achievable. The flame of LPG temperature can be well-ordered even with 2 degree Celsius.
  • Has high calorific value
  • Ease to control
  • Profitable for packaged LPG

Get in touch with the nearest office of LPG territory or call us directly for any help that you need from us with respect to LPG connection and installation.

Phone: 022 - 22714563

Piped LPG

Help in commissioning and designing of reticulated supply of most common fuel, LPG in different domestic complexes
The reticulated system supplies LPG via pipeline network from particular bulk installation or centralized cylinder bank to the kitchen of customer. This system is designed via different multiple pressure regulation stage for reaching LPG to customers at low pressure, which eventually is safe. 


  • Saves time and doesn’t require blocking of money for the second cylinder
  • Payment is as per the actual consumption of gas via gas meter
  • Ample space saving in your kitchen
  • Enhances safety in your kitchen
  • Effortless and easy operation with improved convenience
  • No requirement of cylinder handling or potential damage of lift or floor
  • Reduces cylinder refill booking
  • Provides regular supply of gas on tap turn

Click here for more details

Accident Insurance Policy

Accident Insurance Policy and No Fault Liability
To provide protection from any sort of unforeseen accident, Bharat Petroleum has provided legal liability coupled with no fault liability and accident insurance policy for the customer. Features of this policy are:

  • Covers customers who are supplied via reticulated system of LPG
  • Claim to property damage – maximum 1 Lakh for every event at customer’s registered location
  • Coverage of medical expenses till 15 Lakh for every event with 1 Lakh for every person. Immediate relief is INR 25k per person
  • Personal accident coverage of 5 Lakh for every person, in event of accidental death
If there is unfortunate death of any person, then you are requested to take help of the network distributor or call our branch office and let us know so that we help you lodge and file the claim.

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